Strategic Business Development

Techno Trading Company Limited has global automotive industry know-how relative to developing Turkish Automotive Sector engineering manufacturers of components and tooling through the introduction to European OEM producers and Tier 1 suppliers.

The criteria for developing this business is based upon sound financial and local knowledge and experience in working with Turkish manufacturers for well over two decades .

Techno Trading Company currently have exclusive long term business agreements with several Turkish Automotive Sector companies whom are located in Bursa, which is the center of the Turkish Automotive OEM and component manufacturing industry and those companies are :

- Coskunoz AS. Bursa . Automotive Tooling & Pressed Metal Parts

- Beycelik AS. Bursa . Automotive Tooling, Sub-Assemblies & Pressings

- Mako Elektrik AS. Bursa . Automotive Electrical Components

- Metas AS. Bursa . Air, Ventilation and Electrical Tracking Hoses

- SRK Automotive AS, Bursa . Locks, Latches & Fittings

- Erkurt Holding As. Bursa. Interior Trim Assemblies

The basis for these relationships is a well founded trust, respect and long term working synergy and knowledge of local customs, language and mentality.

Project Management

Techno Trading Company have the facilities, experience and management expertise to offer a wide range of services in the area of project management, including acquisitions, joint venture and licensing operations or from the simple overseeing of any new companies entrance into the Turkish market, through the legalities of company establishment to management of a defined project wheather it be large or small in both the Automotive and through its sister company Tekno Tasarim Limited, in the Defense and Aerospace Industry.

Experience has taught us during our many years in global business management that clients small or large wish to work with Techno Trading Company on a personal basis and where the emphasis is placed very firmly on quality, knowledge of local market philosophy, professionalism and an unusually high deliverable attainment.

Material Sourcing

Many European companies are unaware of the huge potential that Turkiye holds for the supply of almost anything that one can think of.

We are constantly being asked to investigate, define and recommend to prospective clients, the supply of machinery, raw materials and production and non-production components, mostly for the Automotive Sector.

It is a fact that Turkiye is capable of producing any material or machinery or product that is available globally and at extremely competitive rates, due to the economical and manufacturing cost basis.

Our data bank of companies whom have export oriented capabilities and are all quality accredited to European norms to QS 9000\02. ISO 14000. ISO\TS 16949 and VDA 61\62 standards and has been created over many years of experience in the Automotive Sector.


Techno Trading Company offer the facility of consultancy to UK, German, and Swedish companies whom are seriously considering entering Turkiye with their products and whom would require substantiative and quantitive strategic financial and market reports submitting prior to committing any long term financial resources.

Conversely the same would apply to any Turkish clients whom would wish to consider conducting business in the UK , Germany and Sweden .

Techno Trading Company has also been retained on several senior manager recruitment assignments for major automotive clients wishing to start up their operations in Turkiye.