About Us

Since the early seventies, Turkiye has been known for its expertise in the Global Automotive Sector,its geographical location makes it an ideal trading partner for those seeking to develop closer business ties with a modern and well developed country, industry and society.

The business ethos of Techno Trading Company Limited is to bring together and create a synergy with Turkish Automotive Industry component producers and European Automotive OEM's and Tier One companies, by developing an awareness of the quality, competitiveness and deliverability of Turkish products and help and guide them to understand the many benefits of conducting business with Turkiye. The obvious advantage of being able to communicate in the same language also provides a more comfortable working relationship.

The synergy includes a number of well defined and highly focused areas of support which Techno Trading Company can offer to those interested companies whom might see Turkiye as a longer term opportunity market to develop and increase their business base.